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Smart Energy

Far East Smart Energy Co., Ltd. (stock code 600869) under Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. focuses on the technologies, products, and services associated with smart energy and smart city as well as the R&D, production and sales of the relevant Internet and IoT applications; the planning, design, investment, and construction associated with smart energy and smart city projects, as well as their energy efficiency management and services; the general contracting of smart energy and smart city projects, etc. and aims to become one of the world's leading smart energy, smart city service providers.

The Smart Energy Has a Complete Service Network

Superior Brand Advantage, Completed Service Layout

Service Scope: Smart energy and smart city technology products and service, research and develop, manufacture and sell of internet and internet of things, plan and design, invest and construct of smart energy and smart city project, energy efficiency management and service, overall contract of smart energy and smart city project etc.

Brand value: RMB 73,566 billion

Industry position: 35-year professional experience

Establish the Smart Energy industry chain together with on-line and off-line integration and domestic and overseas joint efforts

  • Establish the off-line value chain

    Plan & Design Products Supply Construction & Installation Operation Maintenance Energy Efficiency Management EPC Service
  • Establish the on-line value chain

    Complete e-business product line On-line+ off-line distribution Improve financial layout of supply chain Increase the flow and trading value of platform
  • Establish domestic and overseas function chains

    Complete global functional layout Promote the partnership strategy

Build a profitable service pattern of the whole energy product chain

An overall solution service covering electricity generation, stored energy, power transmission, electricity distribution, power selling, and end-user

Service section and product architecture

  • Intelligent Wire and Cable and Their Application

    • Smart cable (power network, wind power, photovoltaic, nuclear cable, transportation, building, etc.)
    • Primary or secondary equipment and complete set of product service like electricity distribution and detection of power transmission
    • Research and development of new materials and application
  • Clean/new energy system

    • Electricity generation, power transmission, power transformation of new energy and survey and design of distribution/rural network engineering
    • EPC of new energy engineering
    • Capital raising/ banking of supply chain
    • Engineering technique consultant service of energy project management, energy investment, etc.
  • Power system and energy storage equipment of new energy car

    • Li battery, accumulator battery, Energy storage battery (pack), new battery, cell etc.
    • Marketing of new energy car
  • Internet platform of Electrical & Electronics

    • Information, value-added information service of Electrical & Electronics
    • Trading service of Electrical & Electronics materials
    • Commodity transaction of Electrical & Electronics
    • Banking of supply chain
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