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  The Far East Holding Group has gained remarkable achievements in foreign investment, and, generally speaking, realized an excellent result. Until November 30,2019, the total number of invested enterprises reached 352, totally 102 invested enterprises have realized initial public offerings (including 28 listed on the New OTC), and 13 have realized pre-announcement.


  • Total investment amount

    The total foreign investment amount is about RMB 6.7 billion, and IRR of overall investment is more than 30%
  • Invested areas

    Domestic: Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Shaanxi, Henan, etc.

    Overseas: the USA, Israel

  • Invested enterprises

    Foreign invested enterprise: 352

    IPO: 102 (including 28 listed on the New OTC Market)

    Well-known enterprise: Uber, Wanda Cinemas, Li’an Life, Guotaijun’an Securities, China Union Pay, Omnijoi Media, Shanghai Oriental Pearl new Omni Ad Media, Ant Financial, Industrial Bank, New China Life Insurance, China Securities, etc.

  • Invested industries

    Power and new energy, mobile internet, agriculture and forest financing, consumption, environmental protection, Comprehensive Health, entertainment, etc.

Investment-financial platform

  • Insurance

    As the sponsor shareholder, established the Li’an Life to set foot in insurance field prospectively in 2011.

  • Invested platform

    As the sponsor shareholder, established province-leveled private investment platform—Sumin Investment together with famous private enterprises including Shagang Group, Hodo Group, and GCL Group in 2016.

  • Bank

    As the sponsor shareholder, took part in the construction preparation of the first private bank-Xi Shang Bank in Jiangsu, involved in the bank field in 2015.

  • Financial leasing

    Initiated Pacific Financial Leasing together with Zhejiang Geely, Guangxi Construction Engineering etc., involved in financial leasing field.

Investment-investment platform-cooperation fund

Cooperation Fund

Professional Organizations

Investment-investment platform-Harlyn Capital

The Harlyn Capital, founded in September 2010, is an asset management company that mainly engaged in equity investment (PE/VC), mergers and acquisitions, and financial advisory business, is one of the investment platforms of the Far East.

Until the end of December 2016, Harlyn Capital currently manages a total of 12 private equity funds, and the total amount of managed funds is more than RMB 8 billion.

The total foreign investment is RMB 4 billion, total direct investment projects are more than 50, and indirect investment projects are more than 300. Involved in the field of Agriculture, forestry and fruit industry, smart energy, new material, environment protective new energy, TMT big data etc., 10 enterprises have already quitted.


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